4,000 Years of Herbal Experience Combined with New Technology Devoted to your Health

Mulberry Bush Fields


Mulberry is the King of Medicinal Plants

Mulberry Black Tea is rich in the human body’s necessary nutrients including  17 kinds of amino acids,  proteins, and essential fats.    The Food Health Organization included Mulberry in the human health’s top ten resources of the 21st century…a new source of green food for mankind.      Chinese medicine has used Mulberry Tea as an important herbal remedy for thousands of years.

Mulberry Benefits Important to Your Long Term Health

No Caffeine          No Tannic Acid           No GMO’s          Gluten Free          Soy Free          Salt Free          Sugar Free      No chemicals          No Pesticides

This is a new Mulberry Technology Development

Our NEW Mulberry Leaf Black Tea has been developed using a new patented scientific fermentation process.  Our process results in a Mulberry Tea with a year around supply, intestinal friendly, much improved sweet taste and pleasant aroma.   However, our Mulberry Black Tea maintains all of the centuries old, research proven, herbal benefits available in Green Mulberry Teas.    So, now, there is a Mulberry tea with great medicinal benefits that is pleasant to drink every day.

Our safe source for Mulberry Teas

Our Mulberry Tea Products are grown naturally in the northern mountain region of China.       Growth uses only natural  rain irrigation and without any pesticides or chemicals.   In addition, all of our processing is all natural without  chemicals or additives.    Our growing and processing is qualified by TUV Rheinland; Test Report 17-0510-032-01

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